Digital Transformation

Attain your digital transformation goal with our expert Cloud consulting and migration services

We help businesses move their IT resources securely to cloud and nurture organizational, technical, and operational capabilities with our expert cloud consultancy services.


Migrate your workloads seamlessly and efficiently with our Cloud Migration services

Over 20 years of experience in providing high quaility services to our clients.

Do you have a critical requirement to migrate all IT workloads to cloud and in search of the right partner for this cloud journey? With our strong pool of cloud consultancy experts, we make your cloud adoption journey hassle free with a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure that enables application deployment and scalability from anywhere, anytime.


Eliminate expenses on physical infrastructure

With our cloud migration & Consulting services, you can do away with the dependency on physical data centers that consume organizational space and the continuous maintenance costs.

Accelerate Application Deployment

With our cloud migration solutions, we aid accelerate the application deployment through best-in industry DevOps practices which is an integral part of all our consulting services.

Enhanced Security

Our Cloud Consulting Services empower your organization to implement security features by deploying automatic security updates to keep them safe from vulnerabilities.

Effective Backup and Recovery Services

Your organizational needs to handle outages effectively are addressed by embracing our cloud migration consulting services. We ensure any natural calamities or accidents will not disrupt your data with efficient backup and disaster recovery techniques.

Flexible & Scalable

We enable your organization to choose various computing environments like the operating system, programming language, web application platform as per your specific needs. The virtual environment we provide eases the entire migration process.

Simplified IT Management and Enhanced Performance

With our Cloud Migration services you can experience Simplified IT and improved performance with reduced costs by ensuring easier access to compute and storage resources as per the changing demands of the customers.

Our Approach

With our Cloud consulting & migration services businesses can migrate their workloads to the cloud with the confidence of delivering improved performance, reduced costs, and enhanced scalability. We make this possible with cloud wellness assessment, cloud migration roadmap, migrate & modernize, and cost & architectural optimization steps:

Cloud-Wellness Assessment

We do a comprehensive assessment of your existing cloud environment through security posture review; cybersecurity vulnerability checks and reliability check to assess any pitfalls or limitations.

Comprehensive Cloud Migration Roadmap

If your organization is newly migrating to the cloud, we provide a cloud migration roadmap by analyzing your current state of infrastructure and then prepare a customized blueprint to accomplish it.

Migrate & Modernize

We help you migrate quickly by lift & shift, upgrade or containerize by re-platforming, and modernize your applications by refactoring strategies. Also, with our DevOps practices you can implement CI/CD pipelines for your apps and infrastructure.

Monitor and Optimize Cloud Architecture & Costs

We optimize your cloud architecture and cloud spending by regular cloud wellness assessments, cost optimization assessments and provide you with a roadmap that suits your growth and budget requirements.

Competency Badges

Advanced Tier Services Partner

Our certified professionals have the industry’s best knowledge of technical fundamentals and proven customer expertise.

DevOps Services Competency Partner

CloudThat’s competency in DevOps enables you to accelerate time to market by optimizing each phase of SDLC.

Public Sector Partner

We have the best team of professionals to help with cloud-based requirements of non-profit, government or other public sector entities.

Well-Architected Partner Program

With AWS’ Well-Architected Partner Program, we have integrated architectural habits that help us minimize risks and build robust applications. .