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Yescom Infotech Services is one of India’s leading human resource companies offering a range of solutions to 3500+ employers for their hiring, productivity and scale challenges. A Fortune India 500 company listed on the NSE & BSE, Teamlease has hired 17 lac people over the last 17 years and has 2 lac+ open jobs everyday. One of India’s fastest growing employers, Yescom Infotech also operates India’s first Vocational University and India’s fastest growing PPP National Apprenticeship Program. The company offers solutions to large, medium and small clients across the 3Es of employment (1.5 lac+ employees), employability (2 lac+ students) and Ease-of-doing Business (1000+ employers).

Why Us

At Yescom Infotech, we believe the 3E (Employment, Employability and Ease of Doing Business) opportunity model is the foundation for our sustainable growth. We have aligned our strategies to capitalize on the opportunities rising around these three fundamentals.

→ Access to a better quality workforce through expanded foothold across the HR Services value chain →Create unique opportunities for employment in the staffing industry with offerings to customers that combine the core product with productivity enhancers

→Provide a corridor effect from certificate to degree programs – cater to the demand for newer skills due to changing technologies and business functioning as an essential aspect to employability →Specialized training leading to right skill development for candidates, advancing their employability quotient, thereby leading to employability →Prepare people to enter the workforce by equipping them with vocational skills and learning Onsite (TLS and ELS, On-campus (TLSU) ), Online (Schoolguru) and On-the-Job (NETAP)

→Making compliance seamless to enable a more fertile habitat for formal job creation. →EODB is infrastructure for our vision of Paperless, Presenceless and Cashless compliance for both big and small entrepreneurial ecosystem

Why YESCOM InfoTech

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To Achive Goal

In terms of Associate Employees and revenues, we are the largest organized staffing company with a market share of more than 5% as on March 31, 2017. Despite competition from domestic peers and global companies having their presence in India, we have grown our Associate Employee/Trainee base at a CAGR of 24.80% in last three years leading to 2016-17.

Good governance is vital to any business success. Our transparent and efficient governance infrastructure provides the framework within which we implement our strategy and create further value for our stakeholders. Our strict adherence to labour and corporate laws, strong internal compliances and a dedicated legal team sets us apart from others. The result: More than 95% renewal rate with our clients on a year-on-year basis.


We deliver our staffing services across various sectors, including Consumer Durables, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Media and Telecom, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, e-commerce, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Our expertise across different sectors gives us the edge to enhance our client value proposition.Our efforts to strengthen our knowledge and handle complexities have enabled us reach out to more clients and expand our market presence.

We are more connected to our clients today than we were before. We have used the right technology and data insights to help us enhance our operational efficiencies. Our investments till date to the tune of INR 19.50 crore in continuous technological upgradation have helped us identify human resources that suit our diverse client requirements. Our advanced proprietary technological platforms have helped us scale our operations, reduce our turn-around time and ensure consistent client servicing.


We are a professionally managed company, backed by quality senior management team. Their guidance provides the right balance of experience, expertise and strategic vision, contributing significantly to our growth. With their extensive experience in the human resources services industry in general and staffing industry in particular, we have been able to achieve sustainable growth and strengthen our market share in India.

We provide diverse HR solutions to more than 2200 clients across the country.Being a market leader in the organized staffing solutions industry, our client portfolio comprises several Fortune 500 companies as well as fast growing SMEs.


Our technology platform and processes has enabled a pan India presence that has allowed us scale our business with increasing trust and reliability of our clients and Associate Employees. Our 8 branch office network as on March 31, 2017 has strengthened our operations across new verticals with more service offerings.

At Yescom Infotech our intellectual capital forms a cornerstone for our success. Our performance-driven culture is the key to our outperformance. Execution of Board level strategies with excellence is largely credited to our exceptional team of more than 1800 members. Our team has been exceptional in delivering efficient, effective and scalable roll-outs of our new service offerings to our clients and driving customer satisfaction.