Managed Services

Your partner of choice for Comprehensive Management of the Cloud resources


Improve your operations and reduce costs with our Cloud managed services.

Cloud managed services will make your IT network enterprise-ready. If you migrate your network to cloud managed services from data centers then you can offload your staff from dual roles of cloud operations and core business operations. The entire network speed will improve manifolds. If you are looking for a complete end-to-end view of the cloud environment for expanding solution footprints globally in all your delivery centers, then you should take advantage of our state-of-the-art services.


Ease the workload by augmentation

Your hybrid workforce will get access to the documents and tools from multiple locations without virtually logging in to your office network.

Accelerate cloud migration

Migrate production workloads seamlessly within a few days and the proven-operating environment process can be created seamlessly.

Empower your staff

Expert advice to step up your IT operators with essential skills for cloud infrastructure management and IT operations.

Expertise in migrating massive legacy assets

Empower traditional organizations with legacy IT assets to successfully adopt the cloud with our cloud managed services solutions.

Meeting global compliance and security standards

Organizational compliance and security standards are met by adopting modern cloud managed services solutions.

Dependable post-migration support

Organizations can get either partial or complete operational responsibility support from our dedicated staff.

Our Approach

We are experts in cloud fundamentals and our solution architects will incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) to help you with cloud and managed services. We are experts in the field of IoT (Internet of things) and IIoT (Industrial internet of things).

Cloud Operations

In this step using cloud managed services infrastructure and operations are managed. It includes enhancement of applications, platform, system performance, security, access, and capacity management.

Application Management

This phase ensures the management and maintenance of critical business applications for operational support, integrations, and customization with application upgrades is done effortlessly.

Scalable Cloud Platform

In this phase, using the concepts of cloud managed services, the capabilities for the deployment of full-stack solutions with flexible frameworks and cloud technologies are achieved.

Transparency & Optimization

This phase provides a complete end-to-end view of the cloud environment.

Competency Badges

Advanced Tier Services Partner

Our certified professionals have the industry’s best knowledge of technical fundamentals and proven customer expertise.

DevOps Services Competency Partner

CloudThat’s competency in DevOps enables you to accelerate time to market by optimizing each phase of SDLC.

Public Sector Partner

We have the best team of professionals to help with cloud-based requirements of non-profit, government or other public sector entities.

Well-Architected Partner Program

With AWS’ Well-Architected Partner Program, we have integrated architectural habits that help us minimize risks and build robust applications. .